Welcome Convert.Live is completely free and does not require installation; It is an online converter platform with conversion tools for Units, Currencies and Files. Our most important goal while creating this platform is to create an online perfect service that is completely free, fast, simple, high quality, reliable and does not require any installation or plugins. While doing all of this, we use the latest technological hardware that consumes less electricity in our infrastructure, and our high optimization techniques on the software architect's side, as an individual respectful to nature.

Yes, this project was born out of a need. You have installed and tried many programs on your computer for operations such as Word, PDF and image conversions. Generally, those who do their job well are paid, but the free versions are very limited and have limits. There are many similar online conversion sites, but they have very limited usage limits, are full of ads and are cumbersome. At this point, when we said why there is no better, we created Convert.Live by designing the highest user satisfaction. We are just at the beginning of the road, but we will add hundreds of different tools to the platform over time.

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Converting.App values privacy policy and follows very strict rules. We do not need any personal information on this website, browser plug-ins, desktop and mobile applications. Our content application is completely free and does not require user knowledge. For this reason, we do not collect or save any personal information. We do not use cookies and do not track you.